Keeping Pets Cool During a Heatwave

It's already August and the sweltering heat of Summer is just beginning; meaning your pets will need a little additional tender loving care to keep them comfortable and safe.

Here are some great tips to keep your fur and feather babies cool during the heatwave!

1. Provide LOTS of water: This one may seem obvious, but providing an ample supply of water is essential when keeping pets cool and hydrated during the heat. Using an automated waterer or large gravity waterer will provide enough water your pets will need to keep them well hydrated throughout the day.


2. Shaded area/keep indoors: During 100 degree+ weather it's typically best to keep your pets indoors; but, for many people, it may be difficult to keep pets inside for a multitude of reasons. If this is the case, always provide lots of ample shade along with water and food. I try to waterer down my pets area first thing in the morning before heading off to work to get the ground nice and cool before the heat really kicks into gear.


3. Ice licks: This can include putting your pets bowl in the freezer overnight or making a yummy, cool treat they can enjoy throughout the day. Pinterest has lots of frozen treat recipes for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits... basically type an animal and there will be a frozen treat recipe! I typically make a frozen corn treat for my feathered ladies and they absolutely go crazy over it!


4. Frozen Water Bottles: Since we're on the topic of "frozen" items, freezing water bottles can be an amazing source to keep your pets cool. You can either freeze a water bottle and place in animals cage or pen (best used for smaller animals) or, my personal favorite, you can freeze water bottles and place in your pet/chicken waterer to maintain a constant temperature throughout the day. This has definitely been a godsend through the last heatwave we experienced and by the end of the day, my chickens waterer was still a cool temperature!


5. Save outdoor time for the evening/early morning: A lot of times people don't understand that our pets can't verbally communicate with us like a human. Hence, why it's so important to read your pets body language and keep activity to a minimal during the hottest times of the day. Forcing a dog to go on long walks, etc. can cause numerous health issues (primarily heatstroke); not to mention the asphalt is literally scolding hot and will burn your fur babies paws :(


6. Kiddie Pool: or a shallow makeshift pond will allow your pet to cool off in water even when you're not home. 


7. Water Mister: You know those curly misters you see by pools? Well, they make an excellent cooling source in the summer and for people like me who have dogs and chickens (both of which co-mingle very well together) will keep your entire brood chill as a cucumber.